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Ms Gretzke rose to her feet, smiled at me with real warmth, kissed me on the lips, and then said with a flourish:

‘Welcome to the pussy-squad – let your hole be deep, your vagina juicy, your labia open and your legs spread wide apart for us all to enjoy!’

There was then another round of applause and cheers, and what I came to think of as ‘the holy trinity’ of our junior cheerleader squad (Ruth, an almost classic strawberry blonde; Malea, the slim and elegant Asian, and Kimberley, the beautiful black babe with the gorgeous tits and ass) crowded around me, giving their congratulations and talking over each other excitedly . ’

I looked around at the circle of happy faces, seeing how warmly – indeed, lustily – my fellow cheerleaders Ruth, Malea and Kimberley were gazing at me, as were Kersten, Cathy and Madison of the team girls, and I felt so completely accepted and just, well, at home
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Exgf My Preggo – Pregnant Rita #03 from (6 min)

It's a good one, ”

“NO, NO, NO .

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It was early November and we were on daylight savings so it didn’t get dark till late, At about 9pm I had had enough of study and I decided to have a real quick shower and fit one or two beers in before the bar shut

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